Sunday Meal Prep For Beginners; October Week 3

Meal Week 3

So far, not so good. Let’s just say I was way off last week. Trying to get back on the horse this week.

I am mixing things about this week getting rid of the sausages, bread. Focusing on fewer carbs and more protein. I added an extra Turkey Burger and guacamole. I also got rid of the 1/4 sweetened vanilla almond milk. That was a bit carby even at 1/4 cup. I might bring it back next week depending on how I do.

The main thing for me this week is to stick with it more than anything else.

Macro Break Down

This is based on inputting these items in my Fitbit food tracker.
Meal Prep Week 3

Items to Purchase

Eggs – Costco
Turkey Burgers – Costco
Apple – From Apple Picking

Almond Milk – 1 cup of unsweetened Vanilla – Most Stores
Rice Protein powder 

Naturals Turkey Breast – Costco
Sabra’s Hummus – Costco

Afternoon Snack:
Turkey Burgers – Costco
Wholly Guacamole mini’s – Costco

Dinners For The Week:

Baked Chicken, Guacamole, and beef hot dogs –

Baked Chicken, Veggies and Guacamole –

Salmon And Veggies  –

Baked Chicken, Veggies, Guacamole, and Snap Peas –

Cheat Meal

Leave your thoughts or comments below. Together we can work on this guide and help as many people we can go from beginner meal preppers to advanced.

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