30 Day Challenge Accountability Club

July 1st is our next 30 Day Challenge Accountability Club. Our goal is for you to stick with you goal for the month. It could be lose weight in 30 days, stick with a meal plan, lose body fat, exercise 5 times a week. You set the goal. The group holds you accountable.

The rules;

  • $5 to enter
  • Hit your goal in 30 days, you get the money back or you can donate it to a charity of your choosing.
  • Miss your goal. We donate your money to a charity or organization YOU HATE.
  • Every day you check in on a private Facebook group. Just say hey I was good or no I did bad, tell the group your struggles and we help each other.
  • Participate in a weekly conference call. Wednesdays @ 8:30 pm Eastern. You have 10 minutes to fill everyone in on how you are doing.
  • You can only miss check in 4 times. Maybe you forgot or was busy for the weekend.

30-day challenge diet ideas: lose weight in 30 days, exercise 5 times a week or exercise 3 times a week and maintain weight. You can put goals together. As long as they are actionable and quantifiable. But we ask to just stick with one goal per month and build on that. Start small, then get bigger.