Sunday Meal Prep For Beginners; October Week 2

red apples on a tree

Last weeks Sunday meal prep is in the books. We now look at what to do this week. We are sticking with the basics from last week because it worked with my weight loss.

The results were good with my weight coming down big time off a weekend of eating really poorly. Overal I focused on four days strength training in the gym and four days of cardio. I did two interval training days, one day of the Beachbody 21-day extreme fix and one long 3.2-mile run. Some days I did strength in the morning and run in the afternoon. Y9=ou can always replace running with a twenty-minute walk.

This week I am sticking with the same meals because I still have food left over from Costco. However this week instead of a piece of Gluten Free bread in the morning I will substitute with an apple. We went apple picking over the weekend and there is nothing better than some freshly picked apples.

One thing you have to keep in mind with fruit is the carbs that come with it. You think fruit is healthy, which it is, it contains many macronutrients and fibers. But people forget about the number of carbs fruit can contain.

Look at the comparisons of an apple vs a piece of gluten-free bread.

Basically, two slices of bread are the equivalent to one apple in terms of Carb intake. That is something to keep in mind when you are creating your meal prep for the week. People assume that they can eat a lot of fruit and lose weight but that is not the case. Then they wonder what is going wrong. A couple of pieces of fruit a day and your well over 100 carbs without even batting an eye.

As far as my mental state for the week. I definably went more off the wagon as the midweek came. I am hoping that mixing things up with the apple will help a bit with my sweet craving. I still struggle with the chip craving. But I found Snapea Crisps as a decent substitute for that chip craving.

Dinners For The Week:

Chicken, Veggies, and Guacamole.

Taco Beef and Gluten Free Wrap

Salmon And Veggies

Chicken, veggies, and Guacamole.

Cheat Meal

Leave your thoughts or comments below. Together we can work on this guide and help as many people we can go from beginner meal preppers to advanced.

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