Cardio At Home Workout for September

(Fall Workout)

5 min run(M,W,F)

M – Chin ups w/ weight – 4 x 10

T – 3.2 mile run or run walk (no pre or post run)

W – a. DB Rows 4 x 10
b. DB Lat Raises 4 x 10

T – 3.2 mile run or run walk (no pre or post run)

F – Band curls – 4 x 25 after 5 reps a 5-second pause

Pick a core at end of each workout (Different each day);

Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 1 min

Plank Up Downs – 3 x 1 min

Stability Ball Pass – 3 x 1 min

Bicycles   – 3 x 1 min

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Chief editor at Unique To You Nutrition, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer with SOLDIERFIT. Father to 6 kids and just as busy as you are.

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