October At-Home Workout

We are now going to mix things up for the months of October, November, and December. At Unique To You Nutrition, we believe in seasonal training. Mixing things up every three months.

October, November, and December we will focus more on Strength training rather than cardio and leaning out. Octobers workout we focus on supersets with core.

2 min light run or walk

Do the exercise followed by a core exercise. That is a superset.  4 sets. Set 1 – 20 Reps. Set 2 – 18 reps. Set 3 – 16 reps. Set 4 – 14 reps. Rest 2 minutes in between each set.

M – a. Band Curls
b. Pick a core

T – a. Statue Of Liberty – Split Squats (Split the reps per leg, so 20 reps would be 10 on each leg)
b. Pick a core

W – a. Burpee
b. Pick a core

T – a. Pull Ups
b. Pick a core

F – a. Squat Pulses
b. Pick a core

Pick a different core each workout;

Hollow Body Hold (30 secs)

Plank Up Downs

Stability Ball Pass


Sprinter Ups


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Chief editor at Unique To You Nutrition, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer with SOLDIERFIT. Father to 6 kids and just as busy as you are.

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