The Best Time To Take Probiotics And The Best Way To Take Them

The Best Time To Take Probiotics And The Best Way To Take Them

The quality of food we as a nation eat has steadily decreased since the 1950s when most foods were minimally processed, so the diet of the average person has fewer nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than ever before. There is more junk food, fast food, preservatives, and chemicals in our diet, and they add no benefits to the body, they detract. The best way to ensure proper digestion and the recovery of vital nutrients from what you consume is with good probiotics.

Probiotics is a word used in health care that refers to the living microorganisms living naturally in the small and large intestines. This living bacteria is found naturally in the body, but because our food sources have deteriorated and the number of medicines our culture uses daily has increased, healthy bacteria has decreased.

Where are Probiotics Found?

Good probiotics are found in several foods such as plain yogurt, Kefir, and Kombucha drinks. They promote the growth of the microflora and bacteria that is necessary for a healthy digestive system. Most people do not get enough of these few foods, though, so probiotics are successfully produced in a variety of over-the-counter supplements.

Probiotics perform the essential processes at the cellular level, so they are vital in supporting good health and wellness, whether in food or in a variety of natural supplements, including pill, capsule, and liquid forms.

When probiotics are used successfully, and the microorganisms are balanced, they promote a healthy digestive system, strengthen the immune system, skin and hair, and prevent more serious health problems from occurring. But there are a few “rules” to follow or else you are wasting your money on the supplement.

Helpful Hints for Taking Probiotics

First, notice that different brands of probiotics offer differing numbers of CFUs, or the unit, which is used to measure the strength of the probiotic. The majority of brands contain 1-15 billion CFU per dose, which differs for individual requirements. If someone was taking antibiotics or a similar drug every day, this would kill bacteria, so they would need 10-15 billion CFUs in order to replenish the microflora.

For those who have minor gastrointestinal problems or unusual bowel movements, 8 to 10 billion CFUs a day would be sufficient and for those with no health problems, 1 billion CFUs would be enough. But, more important than the quantity is the best time to take probiotics and the best way to take probiotics. These are extremely important to the effectiveness of your supplement.

Tips For Getting the Best Results From Your Supplement

It is a myth that the best time to take probiotics is on an empty stomach before you go to bed or when you wake up. These living cultures need to be fed and watered like all living organisms, so they should be taken just before or after a meal for the best results. They will continue to work throughout your stomach and intestines, and this is key.

Eighty percent of those who are taking probiotics, aren’t taking them correctly. Purchasing cheap probiotics is a waste of good money because they do not have the quality ingredients to promote the essential live cultures. Another requirement is that the probiotics should be refrigerated no matter what brand you choose. By adhering to these recommendations, you will have success.

More Information on Probiotics

There are 18 strains of bacteria that are the most beneficial for your gut. The most common is Lactobacillus Acidophilus or L. Acidophilus, which would be on your yogurt container. All of these long terms don’t mean much to the average person, but what is important is that the probiotics you purchase consist of a variety of bacteria. By balancing the bacteria mix, you guarantee that you’re getting proper digestion.

The medical community acknowledges positive results to the immune system and digestion at any age, and in addition, it’s no mystery that antibiotics are as harmful to our body as they are helpful. They eradicate bad bacteria as well as destroy many different colonies of beneficial bacteria.

Probiotics help restore the depleted system and are essential for maintenance and prevention. In short, having and taking your supplement with a healthy meal provides the best way to use probiotics for a healthy gut and better lifestyle.

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