Sunday Meal Prep For Beginners; November Week 2 – Fasting Results Continued

November Week 2 is complete and I must say. I am really liking this intermittent fasting program I am following. It is really simple to manage and am still getting good results.

To recap here is Week 1 in full. Showing both my daily weight and body fat numbers.

Weight is down 3lbs, Body fat in the upper 17’s. I would say I averaged 177 lbs for the week. Remember to keep in mind when tracking your weight.

Your scale and body fat tools are not 100 perfect. I always find myself stepping on and off the scale a couple times to make sure the numbers are the same. My rule of thumb is two in a row for weight then I have a good number.

I used to get on and off the scale no joke 10 times! This gets into the OCD world and I didn’t want to go there. Especially the body fat tracker, that number is different every time I get on and off my scale. What we need to learn from this data are trends. 

More than the actual numbers. At SOLDEIRFIT we use an Omron Fat Loss Monitor. This is a handheld body fat measuring device.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, which I have, tracks body fat by your feet.

I have used both within 20 minutes of one another. What I found was the Omron Fat Loss Monitor had me a bit lower. Sometimes they were both off from each other as much as a 2 percent difference. In the world of body fat coolness. 15% body fat is cooler than 17%. But we want results, not coolness factor. What matters more than the numbers is how you look and feel when looking in the mirror. You know your body best and can see changes good or bad. Moral of the story. Don’t make yourself crazy with exact the numbers. Trends are more important.

Here are Week 2’s results from Intermittent fasting.

Weight change you can see on the top right was about the same. But I would say this week I was more in the 175 average. For me and my personal goals. I am 43 years old and 6 foot tall. This is the top end of where I want my weight to be. 170 – 168 is where I want to be. From there I will see how my running and weight training is if I take a performance hit.

Even to my surprise, I hit 174 a couple times. The Saturday 174.3 was really shocking because of the night before I have Chipotle, chips and some chocolate for dinner. I thought for sure I would be up a bit. Nope, still right on the path. Sometimes when we have a big meal it might not hit your scale until two days later.

Remember it is never good to lose more than 2 pounds a week. Also keep in mind water weight, especially for women plays a factor. So I feel comfortable with where I am at and my trends.

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