One Month Plexus Experiment. Our Plexus Review And Results

Plexus results

We have been asked on numerous occasions, “What is XYZ supplement, and does it work?” The answer to the first question is usually we have not tried it yet or we have and it does nothing for you. However, we have heard of Plexus several times by different people and since it focuses on overall gut health. We figured let’s give it a try.

This review will be one of many we have planned for different types of supplements. If you have one you would like us to try, leave a comment below.

Read the rest of this Plexus review to learn just how well Plexus worked and why it might work well for you.


I want to start out by telling you about a recent experiment that one of our employees took part in. To show if Plexus products are effective, Dawn began taking their Triplex product line, for one month while changing absolutely nothing else about her daily routine. She ate the same foods, exercised the same amount, and lived her life like nothing else had changed.

At the beginning of the month, we measured her weight, body fat, chest, arms, waist, hips, and thighs with the promise that we would do the same at the end of the month. Like I mentioned before, nothing else changed.


Now that you know what the experiment entailed, let me tell you a little bit about the results. Of course, I will talk about the empirical results, the results that you can read about and see in the numbers. But we all know that health is more than just numbers, so part of what we will share is the personal testimony of Dawn herself.

First of all, by simply taking Plexus products, Dawn lost 4 pounds in one month . Let me state that again just so you understand what I just said. Spending a month not trying to lose weight, but living her life as she always had, Dawn lost 4 pounds in thirty days.

This information alone is sufficient to see the positive impact of the Triplex products, but there is more data as well. She lost 1% body fat, 0.5 inches from her hips, and 1.5 inches from her thighs while her arms, waist, and chest remained the exact same. To rephrase, Dawn lost inches where we want to lose and she stayed the same everywhere else.

The data is impressive and telling…Plexus seems to help. How else could you explain the FACT that Dawn lost weight, lost body fat, and lost inches without doing anything differently than she had her entire life? It is impossible to argue with data, and Dawn’s results show how well Plexus worked for her.

There is, however, a lot more to the results than the numbers. Dawn could feel a clear change in the way she felt and only Dawn herself could explain these results. If you have ever started a weight loss or exercise plan before, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The first thing Dawn described is that she felt more clear and more alert. While the numbers showed us how much Plexus affected Dawn’s physical health, this testimony shows the effect that Plexus had on her mental health. She was able to think more clearly and remain alert during the day and while working. On top of the mental clarity, Dawn also described that she slept better and had more energy for the month that she took the products.

If I stopped the Plexus review now, it is clear that the products worked well for Dawn. She remarked that she felt a marked decrease in appetite, felt full longer and had a decrease in sugar and carb cravings.  She also noted how for Mothers Day she had gotten her favorite treat, Reese’s peanut butter cups but had no interest in eating them. For many of us, our appetite and our willpower around certain foods is the most dangerous thing in our fight for good health and it is good to know that Plexus can even help us here.

Finally, besides the positive aspects of the products, Dawn reported no negative side effects associated with Plexus. Many people have heard that bloating accompanies the Plexus products, but Dawn and many others have found no evidence of that being true.


The short answer to this question is try it. It worked for Dawn, it has worked for thousands of others, and it could work for you.

Please comment below about your experience with Plexus products.

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Chief editor at Unique To You Nutrition, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer with SOLDIERFIT. Father to 6 kids and just as busy as you are.

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Wendy - June 17, 2017

I’ve been using Plexus products for 3 years. I started because my blood sugar numbers were going up and I was also gaining weight steadily. After 4 months, I had lost nearly 20 pounds, my blood sugar numbers came down, I stopped taking naps. My cravings decreased significantly and I lost the need to snack all day. I had a lot of inflammation in my joints in my hands and it was difficult to close my hand fully. That also went away as I became healthier. Love my Plexus

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