Exciting New Mobile Blood Draw Option For MRT

Exciting New Mobile Blood Draw Option for the MRT test Coming Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.

Great News!

Oxford Biomedical Technologies has partnered with Travalab, a mobile phlebotomy company. Travalab’s coverage is extensive with over 1400 mobile phlebotomists operating in virtually every market in the United States.

This is great news for all clients looking for the convenience of a mobile blood draw that can be conducted at home, the office, or some other convenient location. This saves your patient’s valuable time and at a very reasonable cost – in most cases $50-$60. And to top it off, the Travalab phlebotomist will take the specimen to a FedEx drop off location for your clients too!

To access Travalab’s mobile phlebotomy services, go to nowleap.com/draw-locator/ and click the link for Travalab. This will take you to the Travalab website where your patients can schedule and pay for their MRT blood draws.

We hope you will take advantage of this very convenient and affordable blood draw option!

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