The Health Benefits of Oil Pulling And Swishing with Coconut Oil

oil pulling for teeth

Oil pulling is one of the easiest methods used for maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Although it has been known for many years, the practice has taken a long time to catch on in the west. However, it is finally here, and it is available for anyone willing to try it.

The practice can be traced back to Ayurvedic medicine, which can be traced back to about 3,000 years. Oil pulling with coconut oil entails swishing coconut oil on an empty stomach for about 20 minutes every day.

How to Do It

The first step is to choose the best oil for the procedure. The oil that I picked was coconut oil after intensive research. It is because the oil is renowned for its antibacterial benefits. It is because coconut oil contains lauric acid in huge quantities. Medical experts have praised the oil as an effective method of preventing tooth decay if taken often. However, I have seen reports of people who report success when they use vegetable oil.

After that, I will place a heaping teaspoon of oil in my mouth and swish for around 20 minutes. When doing this, it is recommended to be gentle. Since the procedure goes on for 20 minutes, being too aggressive could lead to a stiff jaw.

If you find that you swallow too much during the procedure, it may because of using too much oil. Simply discard it and start again. After you are done, you must remember to rinse your mouth. Do not consume anything before doing that.

During oil pulling with coconut oil, the amount in the mouth will double in volume because of saliva produced in the mouth. After that, it is important to spit out all the substance from the mouth. I spit in the trash to avoid blocking the drain as the oil solidifies.
Afterward, I usually brush and floss as I normally would. One other reason I avoid swallowing the substance is that it contains toxins. Swallowing it would defeat the purpose of trying to rid the body of toxins.

What the Doctors Think about It

The dentist agrees that oil pulling benefits are assured. However, it is important to note that it should not be a replacement to routine dental visits. For one, dentists warn people that oil pulling cannot reverse tooth decay.

Doctors note that the more people swish, the more positive results they can expect to get. They recommend swishing the oil in the mouth until it turns milky white.

Oil Pulling Benefits

One of the benefits I have noted is that it helps with teeth remineralization. I suspect this may be because of the oil’s ability to fight off bacteria that eats away at the enamel as it tries to rebuild itself.

One benefit of this is that I do not have to worry about blood poisoning because of oral infections. It occurs when bad bacteria find their way into the bloodstream. If these bacteria find their way into the heart’s scar tissue, it could lead to serious illness. Bacterial infection is the leading cause of endocarditis.

There has been scientific research that has established a link between oral bacteria and some serious diseases. For instance, some of the bacteria in the mouth have been linked to diseases like meningitis, pneumonia, and sinusitis. It is quite clear that a number of illnesses can be linked to the mouth’s microbial ecology.

When I attended hygiene school, I came across a surprising study. The study, which took place in 2005, indicated that there was a link between bacterial levels and oral cancer. It found that patients who had oral cancer also had some of the highest levels of s. mitis and p. melaninogenica in the mouth.

Thus, I feel that pulling should be encouraged by medical practitioners more often. It could help prevent some of the serious illnesses mentioned above. However, it is quite surprising that there are not more doctors recommending the practice despite its potential benefits

I have also noticed that there is no plaque because of regular oil pulling. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get rid of plaque, which causes horrible breath at little cost.

Who Can Oil Pull

Kids who you want to have brighter teeth at a small price can practice it. All the people I have talked to combined with my research say that it is safe for them. However, they should be old enough to understand that they should not swallow the resultant product.

Pregnant women can also oil pull. In fact, it is quite beneficial for them. For one, the hormones that women’s bodies produce during pregnancy can lead to gingivitis. These bacteria if they become too concentrated in the mouth, can result in premature births.

It is thus recommended that pregnant women visit their dentist often to avoid stillbirths and underweight births. Thus, not only does the oil lead to better oral health, it helps to keep the unborn baby safe until delivery. Nursing mothers can also oil pull with no danger of side effects. For one, the oil is sourced from nature without any additives.

It is Safe

It is the one point upon which everyone agrees. The oils used for the procedure are all edible. In fact, accidentally swallowing them would not have negative consequences. However, it would defeat the purpose of the procedure.

Despite that, there is still a need for large-scale studies that take place over many months or years to legitimize the practice. Thus, only a few clinical trials have been reported. In the few clinical trials, no one has ever reported being hurt by the procedure.

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