Food Sensitivities And Hair Testing, Does it Actually Work?

Food sensitivity tested through HAIR. Does it work?

Recently I saw a special offer on a social marketing company’s email for food sensitivity testing involving a sample of HAIR! Customers actually submit a hair sample to test their sensitivity/intolerance to food, drink, and environmental factors. What’s up with this?

First of all, there is absolutely NO science behind this type of testing for food sensitivities. The company doing the testing lists “case studies” on their website which are nothing more than supposed testimonials from satisfied customers. There are no studies listed, nor is there an explanation of how food sensitivity is determined from hair.

In an explanation of allergy vs. food intolerance, a simple definition of the two is given, but no science backs up why hair should be used to determine intolerance.

An incredible number of substances (725) is available for testing, and the price is extremely low (approx. $122 for 2 people). Many people who are suffering from food sensitivities may be drawn in by the low price, slick sounding testimonials, and idea of not having to have blood drawn.

If you are thinking about this test then don’t waste your money. The Mediator Release Test is the most complete food sensitivity analysis on the market, accounting for both mechanisms (IgG and Cell-mediated Hypersensitivity) the body uses to respond to food.

The only way to accurately obtain information about food sensitivities is to use BLOOD, not HAIR.

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