5 Ways to Refresh Your Home During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, everyone has been spending more time at home than usual. And, for many, it’s offered the opportunity for more downtime and time to focus on themselves. However, spending so much time in your living space can become repetitive. 

If you’ve grown tired of your living space during the pandemic and are looking for some simple yet effective ideas to refresh your home. After all this time at home, perhaps you’ve realized that you need a better patio area, or could really use a home office. Maybe that bathroom needs a facelift. You can use a subordinate mortgage to fund that for you. Here’s the definition of a subordinate mortgage and how it can work for you.

Even more than ever, when shopping for either your garden where you’ll grow some of your own food, or paint and lumber to make renovations, always buy locally. It serves you and your community, and gives you a sense of shared responsibility. These are important changes we’re learning to make that will hopefully long outlive this pandemic.

Create a Space for Exercise and Wellbeing

Focusing on your physical and mental health is extremely important, particularly during such a stressful time. That’s why creating a space for exercise and wellbeing activities in your home is vital during the pandemic. So, why not consider transforming your basement into a home gym, yoga studio, or meditation space?

If you have a well-configured basement, you could even make the conversion a DIY project. Choosing the DIY route is a great option for those looking to save on costs. However, if you decide to use carpet in your exercise space, always remember to include subfloor insulation as basement carpeting is prone to absorbing moisture and developing mould. Add Some Color to Your Space

If you’re looking for a more simple change to make in your home, adding a bit of colour to your walls might be the best option for you. 

For very little cost and effort, repainting your walls can entirely change your space and mood. Studies have found that green walls have a restorative and calming effect,compared to red walls which can increase stress. So, if you’re finding the pandemic a stressful period, why not consider adding some green or yellow into your home? 

Reupholster Your Furniture

Another simple fix for a home that’s lost its shine is to reupholster your chairs or cushions. Learning to reupholster does require more skill than painting a few walls. However, it’s a great hobby for those looking for an activity that encourages stress relief. To add a fresh look to your living space and learn a new skill, you can consider using an upholstering home guide.

Replan Your Home’s Layout

You don’t have to buy lots of new materials or new furniture to refresh your home’s look during the pandemic. Simply rearranging your furniture, artwork, or ornaments can completely change the energy in your space. 

For the most effective outcome, start by finding your room’s focal point and arranging your furniture around it. Then, identify the areas you would like to keep clear and remember not to overcrowd your home!

Outside Refurbish

If your yard and garden haven’t been updated in a while, try small things first, like repairing patio furniture, replacing their worn cushions or giving them a fresh coat of paint. You can construct a swale to direct water and keep your pathways from being in a perpetual state of sogginess. Stain your concrete patio to give it style and pizzazz from the same old gray you’ve looked at for years.

You can get a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from spending time and some money on refreshing your home. It’s where your life happens and it’s a great investment for both your home’s value and your sense of contentment and peace of mind.

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